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English as a Second Language or Dialect (EALD)


Head of Special Education Services (EAL/D):  Jessica Walker

The Yeronga State High School English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) Unit supports the English language development of students who have come from language backgrounds other than English.  Students arrive from:
  • Milpera State High School (a State reception centre for new arrivals who come from language backgrounds other than English)
  • Partner primary schools
  • Other EAL/D units
  • Directly overseas
EAL/D Organisation
Learners are placed in EAL/D classes where they continue to receive intensive English support while they are gradually integrated into mainstream classes.  Placement depends on:
  • Their chronological age
  • Their educational background
  • Their language development needs
​Junior Secondary
In year 7, 8 and 9 a program is provided that often reflects materials and topics offered in the mainstream classes.  When students move into mainstream high school subjects EAL/D teachers may still support them. Students study English and History/SOSE in EAL/D.  Other subjects like Maths, Science and ICT are also taught in the EAL/D unit for years 7, 8 and 9 students.

Year 10 is a transition year.  To meet students’ needs we offer:-
  • Parallel English and Science classes that cover the Australian curriculum while continuing to promote language acquisition

  • Access and support opportunities for those students who have integrated into mainstream Key Learning Areas

  • EAL/D Maths for those students whose numeracy and/or language development is lower than mainstream Year 10 Maths.

  • Other EAL/D classes include Academic Writing and Enhancement (with a focus on literacy)​

Senior secondary

EAL/D learners in the Senior Phase of Learning are placed in mainstream classes.  EAL/D teachers still work with these students to help them acquire English as an additional language.  Students have a range of support mechanisms available to them through:

  • The subject of English taught by an EAL/D teacher in both Year 11 and 12. Yeronga delivers the Authority subject English for ESL learners. This enables students to access University through an English subject with a greater focus on grammar

  • English Communication taught by an EAL/D teacher

  • Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology (Computers)

  • Authority-registered subject ​in Social and Community Studies

  • EAL/D access during the Senior Forum program, which provides for language assistance across the curriculum

  • In-class support in mainstream classes, including Maths, by an EAL/D teacher

  • Bi-lingual aides support students through their first language in classes

  • Visits to and from universities to promote understanding of and provide support with the Queensland tertiary context for students

  • EAL/D teachers to support EAL/D students pursuing traineeships and VET pathways outside the school context​