Camps and excursions


​Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Camp is a vital opportunity for students to build resilience, collaborate and take managed risks in a safe and supportive environment. Held at Mapleton in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, students engage in activities such as archery, ropes courses and abseiling during the day and in creative and collaborative pursuits at night. In previous years, students have found that camp is core to their Year 7 experience, helping them find their place at High School.

Year 9 Camp

Yeronga State High School offers enriching and exhilarating camps for students. The Year 9 camp has a leadership focus. YSHS camp programs have an emphasis on team initiatives, team navigation and other activities requiring interdependence among students for the success of the group. In these programs, students learn that each participant's contribution is vital if the group is to succeed in the task at hand.


Year 11 Leadership Camp

Yeronga State High School offers enriching and exhilarating camps for students. The Year 11 leadership camp is for students who identify themselves as senior leaders of YSHS.  It is also for students who want to further develop their understanding of team work and goal setting.

Yeronga State High School recognises the significance of developing a leadership culture in young people to positively influence attitudes and behaviours to improve the school culture. All students have the potential to develop leadership skills. The camp aims to equip our future leaders with the skills and confidence needed to develop strong leadership. Students will learn about Senior Leadership Preparation Core Skills – inclusion, team building, morale, and peer organisation. They will be exposed to challenging activities that will further develop their leadership skills and ability to cooperate, connect and work together as a team.

We have our leadership camp at Emu Gully where the Challenge program is based on historical events and theatres of conflict including WW1, WW2 and Vietnam.  Activities that students undergo provide both context and purpose with the opportunity for exceptional outcomes. The focus is on experiencing and demonstrating the core character values of Courage, Mateship, Sacrifice and Perseverance. The core activities include the Western Front, Siege of Tobruk, Bridge over the River Kwai, Tunnel Rats of Vietnam, Hellfire Pass, The Kokoda Track and the Night Walk.

Excursions and Incursions

Term 1

  • Year 7 Science Excursion
  • Year 9 Startsmart Financial Talk
  • Year 10 Explore QUT
  • Year 11 Art Excursion
  • Year 11 Recreation Excursion
  • Years 11 & 12 Legal Studies Conference
  • Years 11 & 12 Geography Field Trip
  • Year 12 Art Excusion
  • Year 12 Biology Excursion
  • Year 12 Griffith Business Program Workshop
  • Taste of Chinese
  • Junior Drama The Neighbourhood Excursion

Term 2

  • Year 10 Fashion Excursion
  • Year 10 Careers & Employment Expo
  • Years 10 & 11 Smith Family Work Inspiration
  • Year 11 Legal Studies Excursion
  • Year 11 Science in Practice Excursion
  • Year 11 ABCN Focus Session
  • Years 11 & 12 Griffith Uni Experience
  • Year 12 Hospitality Food Trend Excursion

Term 3

  • Years 7 and 8 UQ Visit
  • Year 8 Science Excursion
  • Year 9 Science Excursion
  • Year 10 Future Careers
  • Years 10 & 11 Smith Family Work Inspiration
  • Years 11 & 12 Virtual Business Enterprise
  • VET Chinese Excursion
  • Music Students "The Frog Prince" Incursion

Term 4

  • Year 11 Hospitality Casual Dining Excursion
  • Year 12 ABCN Optus Pathway Year
  • Career Choice Day
  • Ecoman
  • QSO Excursion Music Students
  • Business End of Year Excursion
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Last updated 08 August 2022