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Welcome from Deputy Principal

 Yeronga State High School:

Creating a World of Opportunities …

Yeronga State High School is a strongly connected, environmentally conscious, school community that has the well-being of the child central to all learning experiences. Students will be equipped with the real world capabilities, experiences and knowledge to think creatively and critically as active participants in a global community. (Vision Statement)

Deputy Principal (Senior Secondary) - Bob Logan
Ph: (07) 3249 1400

At Yeronga State High School our school culture and curriculum is focused upon the holistic development of each student to enable them to create and access a world of opportunities.

This is embodied in our Vision above and our Latin motto Scientia ac Humanitate (Knowledge and Humanity) which we interpret as:

'creating knowledge, benefiting all'

Our Senior Secondary School is supported by a Quality team of expert staff dedicated to working with students throughout Years 11 and 12.

We believe in:

  • a diverse range of quality pathways through the Senior School
  • academic and career guidance for all students
  • 21st Century skills for lifelong learning complemented by real life learning
  • leadership opportunities for all students

Students entering the Senior phase of learning in Queensland schools elect to study a number of subjects over a set pattern and period of time, usually two years. Students at Yeronga State High School are encouraged to select subjects that they enjoy and interest them. In addition to their academic studies, the school provides a wide range of sporting and cultural opportunities.

As Deputy Principal of the Senior Secondary School, my team and I see it as our responsibility to provide numerous interactions, opportunities and programs for all students to achieve success as outlined in our Vision and motto. The links that follow are examples of these opportunities framed around our guiding values of: 

Quality, Harmony and Sustainability

Quality –excellence in all that we do

Harmony – unity through tolerance and understanding

Sustainability –enduring and maintaining balance

On behalf of my team, the Dean of Students and Year Level Coordinator, I welcome you to our amazing school.

Wunyah: Welcome

(language of the traditional custodians – the Yugara people of the now Brisbane region)

Welcome from Dean of Students

Dean of Students (Senior Secondary) - Kathy Fortescue (also Year 12 Coordinator)
Ph: (07) 3249 1400

Senior Secondary schooling is the last link in your child's formal schooling phase. As your child transitions from middle schooling into more specialised areas of interest it is important that your child is equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow's world. Students study subjects at varying levels which provide them with 21st century skills: critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration and teamwork, personal and social skills and ICT skills.

As Dean of Students, my focus is on maintaining a positive, safe school climate through monitoring academic achievement and progress, personal and social development across Years 11-12. I am often the point of contact for parents and students in relation to attendance and any issues of concern or question. I endeavour to ensure students are working to the best of their abilities and achieving outcomes commensurate with their abilities in line with the school values:

  • Quality – your child achieves to his or her highest potential and is able to follow a preferred pathways post year 12
  • Harmony – your child is connected with the wider school community and is a happy and well balanced young adult
  • Sustainability – your child develops successful study habits and resiliency.

Welcome from Year 11 Co-ordinator

Year 11 Coordinator - Phuong Truong
Ph: (07) 3249 1400

As students enter into the senior phase of learning, they provided with numerous opportunities and pathways to their learning, not only at school but also beyond the classroom. As Year 11 Coordinator and Senior Schooling Head of Department, my role is to provide guidance and advice to students and their parents/carers to ensure students have pathways to success.

Last reviewed 19 March 2020
Last updated 19 March 2020