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Welcome from Deputy Principal

 Yeronga State High School:

Quality Pathways to Success …

Yeronga State High School is a strongly connected, environmentally conscious, school community that has the well-being of the child central to all learning experiences. Students will be equipped with the real world capabilities, experiences and knowledge to think creatively and critically as active participants in a global community. (Vision Statement)

Deputy Principal (Years 7 and 8) - Alistair Purser
Ph: (07) 3249 1400

At Yeronga State High School our school culture and curriculum is focused upon the holistic development of each student to enable them to create and access a world of opportunities.

This is embodied in our Vision above and our Latin motto Scientia ac Humanitate (Knowledge and Humanity) which we interpret as:

'creating knowledge, benefiting all'

Our Junior Secondary School is supported by a quality team of expert staff dedicated to working with students throughout Years 7, 8 and 9. We believe in:

  • the right of every individual to learn and grow
  • excellence in teaching and learning at the forefront of all that we do
  • a strong emphasis on building Literacy, Numeracy, 21st Century and communication skills for lifelong learning
  • every lesson, every experience is an opportunity to learn and develop both character and mind

As Deputy Principal of the Junior Secondary School, my team and I are determined to provide  valuable opportunities and programs so that all students can achieve success as outlined in our Vision and motto. The links that follow are examples of these opportunities framed around our guiding values of:

Quality, Harmony and Sustainability

Quality – excellence in all that we do

Harmony – unity through tolerance and understanding

Sustainability – enduring and maintaining balance

On behalf of my team, The Junior Schooling HOD and our two Year Level Coordinators, I welcome you to our wonderful school.

Wunyah: Welcome

(language of the traditional custodians – the Yugara people of the now Brisbane region)


HOD Junior School 

HOD Junior School – Brock Germain


Ph: (07) 3249 1400


Welcome to Junior Secondary!

As students transition into and through high school, the team at Yeronga State High School are here to support them on their journey into the senior phase of learning and beyond.

As Junior Secondary Head of Department, my role is to provide guidance and support to students, parents/carers and our staff. This journey begins with our Orientation and Transition Programs in Year 6, through to Year 9.

Student achievement, behaviour and attendance will be monitored and guidance provided to staff, students and parents/carers, when required. Additionally, we will be introducing Academic Conferencing in 2022.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or require information about the programs and support we offer students.


Year 7 Coordinator

Year 7 Coordinator - Michael Nunn
Ph: (07) 3249 1400

As students navigate their first year of high school, they are faced with infinite opportunities to learn and grow. In my role as Year 7 Coordinator, I function as a dynamic connection point between parents, students and the school to ensure that all students are positioned to thrive and succeed in this new environment.

Please don't hesitate to contact me or your child's teachers if you require information or support.

Year 8 Coordinator

Year 8 Coordinator - Meghan Casey


Ph: (07) 3249 1400

Young adolescence is an extraordinary time of personal growth and as Year 8 Coordinator I provide support as well as challenge to engage and empower students in their learning and holistic development.  I work collaboratively across the school and with students and families to foster a sense of belonging and community for the Year 8 cohort.  I encourage and guide Year 8 students to embrace the many exciting opportunities and experiences at Yeronga SHS both in and out of the classroom.  Full participation in school life enriches students and their enjoyment of school, inspires learning and social connection and enables students to flourish.  The cultivation of these strong foundations during Junior Secondary education prepares students for the increased independence and rigour of the Middle and Senior schooling years.   ​

Please don't hesitate to contact me or your child's teachers if you require information or support.

 To find out more about our Junior school, please contact us.


Last reviewed 20 January 2023
Last updated 20 January 2023