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Year 7 High School Transition

Our junior secondary department thrives on a successful transition of primary school students into high school through the following initiatives:

  • Our Primary Schools Open Day (Term 2) offers year 5 and 6 students the opportunity to experience high school and the subjects, classrooms and programs on offer.
  • The Yeronga State High School Exceptional Learners’ Program for Partner Primary School Students (Term 3) consists of two days where students are afforded in-depth study in a specific learning area. The workshops focus on a particular topic or theme, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of concepts in this area. We currently offer the following exceptional learners’ programs:
    • Cryptology and Code (Mathematics)
    • Crime Scene Investigation (Forensic Science)
    • Music, Dance and Drama (Performing Arts)
    • Beatles to Beyoncé (History and English)
    • Thought into Sport (Health + Physical Education)
    • Gamemakers (Visual Art, Animation and I.T.)

  • Our Primary Transitions Day (Term 4) invites all future Yeronga SHS students from year 6 to live a day in the life of a high school student. Students take part in assembly, core subjects, electives and other orientation activities as well as meeting some of the key teachers who work in year 7.
  • Year 7 Orientation Week offers alternate activities within the traditional timetable whereby students are supported in their understanding of timetables, areas of the school and school policies. Student also participate in their laptop induction program as well as nominating and trialling for their first gala day sport.


Gurumba Bigi Program

Yeronga SHS prides itself on its leadership programs across year levels. Gurumba Bigi is our junior buddy program. Each year, Year 11 students peer mentor our year 7 students through their orientation days, orientation week and offer ongoing support through care group. Our seniors help the juniors to navigate timetables, friendships and other unfamiliar aspects of high school as well as being a friendly face in the playground.


Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Camp is a vital opportunity for students to build resilience, collaborate and take managed risks in a safe and supportive environment. Held at Mapleton in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, students engage in activities such as archery, ropes courses and abseiling during the day and in creative and collaborative pursuits at night. In previous years, students have found that camp is core to their Year 7 experience, helping them find their place at High School.

Student Representative Council

 At Yeronga we have a strong focus on promoting positive values and working together to achieve great things. By participating in the SRC, our students develop a clear sense of responsibility and social awareness. Elected students are involved in School decision making processes, action planning, target setting and volunteering activities.

There are many opportunities for students at Yeronga to take on positions of leadership. A formal leadership group of students including School & Vice Captains, Cultural & Sporting Captains work closely with the Principal in leading student activities and formal occasions. This year, we have a "Green Team" as part of the Year 7 SRC; facilitated by our Year 7 Co-ordinator. They will be working together with the Sustainability Captains in developing and managing the best practice for environmental sustainability.

Family BBQ

At Yeronga, we pride ourselves on connecting as a community and a family. In week 3 of term 1, all year 7 families are invited to our Family BBQ and information afternoon. Family BBQ night is a wonderful opportunity for parents to meet the amazing support staff, student leaders, teachers, students and families that make up our community.

Last reviewed 13 December 2019
Last updated 13 December 2019