In 1959, the Queensland Government decided to build a high school on 60 acres of land bounded by Park Road, Villa Street, Oakwood Street and the railway line. Most of the land consisted of a large gully that drained water from Annerley, under the railway line, through Fehlberg Park and into the Brisbane River. 

A worse site for a school would be hard to imagine - sandstone outcrops, heavy clay and sloping ground – but at the time this was possibly the only open area in the district. It meant that every building was on a different level.The school was originally to be known as Annerley State High School, however, while the first building was being built, the State Member for Yeronga and Minister for Health, the Hon. Dr. H. Winston Noble, told Cabinet that he had received representations from many of his constituents to have the name of the school changed. Cabinet agreed and the school became Yeronga State High School.

The school opened 25 January 1960 with a Principal, 12 staff and a first year enrolment of 217 students. The original buildings were A block and Manual Training and as student numbers grew, Home Economics, E and F blocks were built in 1961, G block in 1963, I block in 1968, the Library and J block in 1969, the Auditorium in 1970, and lastly the Cultural Centre in 1979. Student numbers increased to 1,821 in 1971 with 93 teachers. At this stage Acacia Ridge and Holland Park High Schools were opened and Yeronga’s numbers started to decrease until the present time when approximately 540 students are enrolled.

In 1967, 25 acres were taken from the school grounds for the construction of the Yeronga TAFE with which we have a strong affiliation. Over the years as our numbers have grown less and TAFE numbers increased, I and J blocks and 3 ground floor rooms of E block have been transferred to Yeronga TAFE. In addition, three quarters of the bottom oval, built in 1966, was given to TAFE for car parking and an indoor sporting complex to which the school has access. In return the top oval has been extended to accommodate a 400 metre running track. A more recent addition for the convenience of students and staff was the provision of covered walkways.

Our Special Education Unit was opened in 1978 to cater for hearing and visually impaired students, but over the years the purpose of the Unit has changed. It is now a unit specialising in supporting students from a non- English speaking background as the school has students from many different cultures.

Over such a long period of time the school has had few Principals:

  • Mr W Kemp 1960 
  • Mr F T Barrell  1961 - 1970
  • Mr N J Corfield  1971 - 1983
  • Mr I K Smith  1984 - 1987
  • Mr B G Tracey 1988 - 2000
  • Mrs V N Hadgelias  2001-2003
  • Mr A D Jones  2004 -2007
  • Mr T Heath  2007 - current

Last reviewed 30 May 2019
Last updated 30 May 2019