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Student Welfare Support Team

Head of Inclusive Practices

Youth Worker/Psychologist

Art Therapist

Tanya Knorre
Marlies Rodriguez
​Taraka Hart

Youth Worker


Art Therapist

Pari Mohammadi
Inga Clancy
Dani Ruskin

Cultural Liason Officer

Cultural Liason Officer

Gabriel Ukuno
Elena Brayne


Yeronga State High School prides itself in providing an inclusive education, reflecting the values and culture committed to enhancing equitable educational opportunities and improved outcomes for all students. They feel valued and welcome through the celebration and recognition of their diversity as a strength and context for their learning.

At Yeronga State High School, classroom teachers in their day-to-day teaching place a high priority on identifying and addressing the learning needs of individual students. Teachers monitor the progress of individuals, identify learning difficulties and tailor classroom activities and assessment task to appropriate levels. All staff have high expectations for the learning opportunities of all students.

Catering for a diverse range of students requires teaching strategies that offer multiple means of representation, engagement and expression. Student Services at Yeronga State High School aims to enable each student to reach their potential through the provision of educational support models such as; program management, adjusted curriculum, classroom teaching and assistance from support staff. 

Yeronga State High School is a place where students:

  • Can learn and achieve to their full potential
  • Have a right to attend school every day in a supportive environment
  • Are responsible for their own education
  • Have the right to access the most appropriate educational programs that meet their individual needs

 Yeronga State High School classrooms are where the teacher:

  • Takes responsibility for the curriculum needs of all students
  • Responds to the diverse learning needs of all students
  • Provides opportunities for all students to participate in social and academic opportunities alongside their peers
  • Fosters a safe and supportive learning environment where diverse needs are valued and respected

Homework Club

Homework Club provides all students with the opportunity to seek assistance from a dedicated number of staff, volunteers and specialist tutors. The club not only provides support for our struggling students, but also to our high achievers who want to produce their best work. Homework Club runs every Thursday, from 2:50pm – 4:15pm in I Block. Afternoon tea is also provided! See you there, ready to hone your study skills!

Our Teacher Aides

At Yeronga we have a diverse range of teacher aides who support many students over a range of classes. Having teacher aides at the school that speak multiple languages help support parents and the community to connect with our school. We have approximately 25 different staff members that can speak languages other than English. Teacher aide responsibilities include providing support to classroom teachers by working with diverse students in a range of classrooms. Our TA's also participate in our multicultural festivities and school activities.

Yeronga State High School exists for learning and learners.   

Our school is committed to providing support services which contribute to the total development of each student. 

These include: 

In learning/teaching

  • Quality teaching
  • Broad curriculum
  • Inclusive and differentiated curriculum
  • Appropriate physical and human resources
  • Special Needs programs
  • Human Relationships Education
  • Recognition of student achievement
  • Educational/Vocational Counselling

In social development

  • Extensive extra-curricular activities
  • Cultural and social activities
  • Roll Group and Year Level structure
  • Committee structures – Student Council, Interact
  • Behaviour Management Plan
  • Leadership Development – Senior Secondary and Junior Secondary School leaders

In welfare provision

  • Guidance counselling
  • Communities Liaison Officer  
  • Chaplaincy services
  • Anti-harassment Strategies
  • Health Care through support from the School-based Youth Health Nurse  
  • Youth Support Worker  
  • Canteen – Healthy Choices
  • Uniform Shop 
  • Referral process to community support groups
  • Support for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander students​

Last reviewed 13 December 2019
Last updated 13 December 2019