P&C Welcome

Congratulations on making the decision to attend Yeronga State High School.  The school has been operating since 1960 and has a long and proud tradition of providing good quality public education to students from a variety of backgrounds. The school is one of the most diverse in terms of the student population with students representing many nationalities different cultural groups.  The multi-cultural nature of the school along with our medium size, means we have a strong sense of community and can provide a high level of individual attention and opportunities for participation in activities that students in larger schools find harder to achieve.

As a truly Global Village we achieve outstanding results including:

  • A high level of OP success
  • Strong Vocational Education Training (VET) results
  • Eemployment of graduates in a range of service, trade and professional occupations
  • Educational and life opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Support from a committed and great group of teachers
  • Disciplined, well dressed and happy students.

These achievements are supported by the P&C through a variety of activities including fund raising, facility improvements, working bees and helping to develop school policy.  We also provide parents and carers with a communication link between home and the school and to raise issues on your behalf that effect your child's education.

The P&C holds a meeting on the second Monday each month of the school year.  We meet in the Administration building, upstairs from the general office and aim to finish at a reasonable time.  Our meetings are advertised on the noticeboard outside the school, when possible, and in the newsletter. 

You are most welcome to attend meetings, where you can hear directly from the school management team and teachers about current events, meet and socialise with other parents, and have input into what happens in the school.  On a personal note, one of the things I have learned by being involved is that teachers know more about me and my children and can bring opportunities and problems to my attention.

If you are interested in registering your interest with the P&C, finding out more or would like to have a chat about the P&C, please feel free to contact us on

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of the Yeronga State High School P&C Executive

P & C Association

Meet every 2nd Monday of the month  at 6.30 pm in the Administration building - top floor

Performing Arts Support Group

We are a group of parents/carers/guardians who come together to support the wonderful work that the YSHS staff do with our students.


  • Raise funds for special projects:
    • Special music chairs
    • New bassoon
  • Hold BBQs to bring families together before/after performances at YSHS.
  • Run Bunnings BBQs at Rocklea to raise funds.
  • Have fun getting to know other parents.
  • We meet about once a term. We are looking for volunteers:
    • to be on the committee
    • to assist with fund raising events

Do contact the school at if you'd like to be a part of the Performing Arts Support Group committee. Thank you.

Last reviewed 11 February 2021
Last updated 11 February 2021