Year 9 and 10

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome from Deputy Principal  

Deputy Principal (Middle Secondary) - Matt Petersen
Ph: (07) 3249 1400

The Middle phase of high school is an exciting time where the curriculum expands with more elective subjects and students become more independent in their learning. There is a focus on exploring the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in various Quality education and employment pathways as students transition from the junior to the senior school.

As Deputy Principal, my focus is on developing process goals where students reflect on and develop habits for success. At Yeronga SHS we have our 5Ps – work habits for success in all walks of life:

  • Being Positive – approaching work and school life with optimism
  • Being Punctual – responsibility and time management
  • Being Prepared – ready to learn, ready to succeed
  • Being Productive – developing grit and perseverance to produce my best work
  • Being Proud – is this the best I can do/be?

Year 9 Coordinator

Year 9 Coordinator - Thuong Nguyen

Ph: (07) 3249 1400

Welcome to Year 9!

I am looking forward to working with the Year 9 cohort in Semester 2. As Year 9 Coordinator, my role is to work with the Middle School Team to foster positive morale, and pastoral care within the Year 9 cohort.  

In Term 3, we will look at identity, positivity, and preparation for careers and Year 10 subject selection. The Year 9 cohort will be engaged in a positivity project in Term 4 looking at harmony: harmony with self, friends, family, and the broader community. We are working towards a project in which the Year 9 students give back to the Yeronga community. If you have any practical talent that we could utilise in the project, please let me know, this could influence the projects we choose. 

As always there will be a focus on uniform and attendance. If there is anything you need to discuss, please contact me via email. 

Year 10 Coordinator

Year 10 Coordinator - Timothy Hohenhaus

Ph: (07) 3249 1400

Welcome to Year 10!

Senior Secondary commences at Yeronga in Year 10 as students explore various opportunities and pathways in their educational journey.  In Term 3, the Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan is an important event in the Year 10 calendar. The SET Plan requires students to choose the pathway for their education, and is an opportunity to think about post school career goals. This means matching each of their subjects to their interests and readiness.

My role as Year 10 Coordinator is to follow the school's vision and ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve 'Quality Pathways to Success'. I hope to instill pride and passion within the Year 10 cohort, as we uphold our agreed school values of: quality, harmony, and sustainability.

Please don't hesitate to contact me or your student's teacher if you require information or support.​

To find out more about our Middle Secondary school, please contact us​.

Last reviewed 20 January 2023
Last updated 20 January 2023