Industrial Technology and Design


​Junior secondary

The Industrial Technology and Design department offers a range of study options that include Woodwork, Metal work and Design technologies. Students learn to design and make a range of products. 

Year 7 Design Technology explores a range of multimedia and product design processes and skills on the computer using industry standard software in a state of the art computer lab. Students will learn to manipulate images using Adobe Photoshop, design and produce a short film using Adobe Premiere and design and construct a product from cardboard.

Year 8 Manual Arts gives students their first taste of Industrial Technology and what it means to imagine -> design -> create. Students work with metal, timber and plastics to produce small projects to take home. While making these projects, students learn about the different materials and how to cut and shape them effectively. Students also learn how to read and create drawings using basic graphics skills. Most students simply describe 'Man Arts' as fun!

Year 9 & 10 Design Technology teaches students how to design products on the computer using a range of industry standard software in a state of the art computer lab. Students make prototypes of their final designs on 3D printers, vinyl cutting plotters and computer controlled milling machines.

Years 9 and 10 Wood work and Metal work. Woodwork focuses on construction and furnishing using timber, while Metal work focuses on sheet metal work, metal turning and welding. Both subjects are highly practical and students will learn a range of construction methods, specialised hand skills and finishing techniques. Students enjoy including their own designs in the projects they create in these subjects.

Senior secondary

Construction of our new Trade Skills Centre will be finished and ready for operation mid-2016. This specialist facility will be fitted out to offer trade courses in Manufacturing and Furnishing.

Certificate I in Manufacturing (Pathways) & Furnishing Skills SAS. Students will study these 2 course over a 2 year period in The Trade Skills Centre. They are exposed to hand skills, plan reading, industry visits, manufacturing and furniture making. This subject offers a wide variety of practical projects and would be helpful for any student planning a career in the manufacturing, furnishing, building and construction industry.

Certificate II in Engineering teaches students knowledge and skills related to an engineering working environment with a view to entering into employment in that area. With a high industry demand for people skilled in Welding, fitting & machining and fabrication, you could find work in a wide range of industries like Construction, Mining, Manufacturing and Maintenance Fitting – working close to home, interstate or internationally.

Last reviewed 30 May 2019
Last updated 30 May 2019